Frequency Asked Questions

Do I need a partner to come to a dance? Many people at dances come without a partner. They look forward to dancing with as many people as they can during the course of the evening, and meeting and dancing with newcomers.

What if I don't know how to dance - can I learn at the dance?   We offer a “survival” introductory lesson at 7:15 pm before each dance, included in the dance admission, so you'll be dancing that same night. Remember that everyone in the room was a beginning dancer once – just tell partners that you are a new dancer.

My friends don't dance – can I bring them to a dance? Yes, come early with them -  they can take the pre-dance lesson so they will be all set to enjoy the evening.

How can I ask someone I don't know to dance?  Dancers are generally a very friendly group of people. Leaders ask followers, and followers ask leaders to dance.

Just make eye contact, smile, and say “Would you like to dance?”  - then introduce yourselves during the course of the dance.

Will I find people my age at the dance?   All ages attend our dances – there will be dancers from 16 to 65+, all enjoying themselves.

What kind of bands play for dances? We dance to the premier Zydeco bands in the Northeast and touring Zydeco bands from Louisiana. The musicians really like to play for dancers - we let them know how much we appreciate this by applauding after each tune

What do people wear to dances? Wear comfortable, casual clothing that lets you move freely; you will get too warm in a jacket or sweater. What kind of shoes should I wear?Wear comfortable clean, non-marking shoes that stay on your foot and have a relatively smooth sole.

Where are dances held? Our dances are usually held at Harmony House, 58 East Main Street (Rte 404) Webster Take 490 to 590 North to 104 East (~6 miles), Exit  250 S (R turn) 1 block to 1st light, Rte 404, turn L,  go 1 block. HH is a large white bldg on N side of St directly across from Key Bank and Burger King. It's a great dance venue!

What should I do about my purse at a dance? It's not a good idea to leave a purse either in your car or lying around the dance floor.  Consider a pocket or waist pack.

Why do you ask that people use fragrance-free personal products?  Many people are sensitive or allergic to fragrances - perfumes, colognes, after-shaves - so we ask that you do not use these when you come out dancing.

What's the most important thing to remember about dancing? Dances are informal & fun, and dancing is just about enjoying the music with your partner… We like what Dave Barry said in; Sixteen Things That it Took Me 50 Years to Learn – “Nobody cares if you can't dance well. Just get up and dance!”


What if I want to take classes to learn how to dance? Esther Brill offers five-week class series on an ongoing basis where you can learn Cajun and Zydeco dancing. Beginner classes are taught from scratch, so no prior skills are needed…

Do I need a partner? Many people enroll in classes without a partner.  We rotate partners during our classes, so you get to dance with everyone in the rotation. We try to ensure that there is a balance of leaders and followers at the class sessions.

I feel like I have “two left feet” – can you really teach me how to dance? Everyone can learn how to dance, and have fun doing it, with a little practice and a little patience: If you can walk, you can dance!

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