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Rochester Cajun Zydeco Network


RCZN’s Annual Holiday Party

C’est Bon
Cajun Dance Band

Dec 14th Sunday

at the Harmony House

58 East Main St, Webster, NY 14580

~~ let’s do it up right ~~
~~ be sure to bring a dish to pass ~~

4:15PM - Cajun dance lesson by Donna Fraser
5:00PM to 8:00PM – Its show time!!!!
Cover: $12 / $10 with valid Student ID
Info: (585) 727-4119

C’est Bon Cajun Dance Band

What do you get when the women of NY's top Cajun bands combine their musical talents?

C’est Bon Cajun Dance Band: hard-rockin', foot- stompin, girl-powered Cajun dancehall music!

C’est Bon includes the three original Cri de Bayou members, Barbara Sanders on accordion, Jane Delisa and Susi Mills on twin fiddles, Betsy Fuller (All Night Ramblers) on guitar, and Evelyn Schneider (Jesse Lége and Bayou Brew) on bass. These harmonious sisters have been singing and playing high-energy Cajun music to crowds in the area for over 19 years, keeping the spirit alive and well. Since coming together as a band in September 2010, C’est Bon has been storming the East Coast, playing at numerous dancehalls, festivals and clubs from Manhattan to Fort Lauderdale.


C'est Bon Cajun Dance Band @ 1st Annual Moo-morial Party – 2014 -
Girl Powered Dance Hall Music of C'est Bon! - Part 1 -
Girl Powered Dance Hall Music of C'est Bon! - Part 2 -
C’est Bon Cajun Band at Augusta Heritage Center -  
C'est Bon Cajun Dance Band - Wellsville Arts Center -


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Rochester Cajun Zydeco Network



“The Revelers”

Sunday January 11th

at the Harmony House

58 East Main St, Webster, NY 14580
“The Revelers” … an amazing video preview:

7:15PM – Honky Tonk dance lesson
8:00PM to 11:00PM – Performance

~~ Let’s do it up right ~~
~~ Be sure to bring a dish/snack to pass ~~

“The Revelers”
Founding members of the Red Stick Ramblers and The Pine Leaf Boys "... unquestionably the two groups at the vanguard of the Louisiana cultural renaissance" have joined together on their newest project which combines Cajun, Country, Blues and Zydeco into a powerful tonic of roots music straight from southwest Louisiana that's sure to get you moving.  As individuals, they are each in high demand having performed and recorded with Natalie Merchant, Linda Ronstadt, Preston Frank, Yvette Landry, Walter Mouton, Mamadou Diabate, Dirk Powell, Cedric Watson and Tim O'Brien to name a few.

As a group they play with a sense of empathy and depth that can only be fostered after years of making music together. They all appeared on the 2011 season finale of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations and they also were handpicked by David Simon (producer/creator The Wire) to be featured musicians for the third and fourth seasons of HBO’s Treme.  Equally at home on a festival main stage, a late night dance party, or a performing arts hall, the Revelers have taken their mission coast to coast in the US and around the world from Ireland to Denmark, to their own Black Pot Festival in Lafayette (now in its 9th year). The sheer power and raucousness of the band’s sound is tempered only by their unbelievable tightness as a group.  Simply put, The Revelers are the next Louisiana SuperGroup.

Meet ‘The Revelers’ from Lafayette LA -

LOCATION:  Harmony House, 58 East Main St, Webster, NY 14580

DATE:            January 11, Sunday           
TIME:              7:15PM – Honky Tonk dance lesson
8:00PM to 11:00PM – Performance

COVER:       $15 in advance (available at stores listed below)   $18 day of show / ** Student Discount with valid ID $10 **

  • The Bop Shop -  1460 Monroe Ave, Brighton   
  • Stutzman’s Guitar Center -  4405 West Ridge Rd, Greece
  • The Music Store - 18 E. Main St, Webster
  • Out of town? Send check payable to “RCZN” with a SASE to “Bruce Handelman / 175 Greenaway Road / Rochester NY 14610”

INFO:           (585) 727-4119 /

Back by popular demand

“Back by popular demand.  The Revelers ‘rock’!!!  And they honky tonk, which is exactly what the music lovers and dancers in our community have come to crave and appreciate the Revelers and their energized performances.  In a heartbeat the Revelers pass our Honky Tonk Dance Hall litmus test – danceability.  Place the Revelers in a hall full of people, and say, “hit it” …   hours later people are still smiling and sweating, having been moved to groove to what they were ‘hit’ with.  Dancers love the variety of the styles delivered with joy and command – Western Swing, Cajun, Zydeco, Tex-Mex, Swamp Pop … the Revelers define modern Honky Tonk.  Believe you me, the Revelers will be back by popular demand.”
Bruce Handelman Honky Tonk Dance Hall at the Harmony House in Webster NY

The Revelers Videos:

Red Stick Ramblers Videos:

“Cultural renaissance?  Smultural renaissance!  If this record doesn’t make get up and dance, then you must be physically handicapped.  If it doesn’t teach you something about life, then you must certainly be very wise already.  And if it does not, at any point, bring a tear to your eye?  Then you must have either a malfunctioning tear duct or a heart of stone. Whipsmart songwriting, outrageous musical chops, and cutting-edge production have made this record a fixture on my stereo.  I cannot stop listening to it.  It’s not easy to create something brand-new and forward thinking which also lives smack-dab in the middle of history and acknowledges its roots.  But The Revelers have done all that and more.  I give this my highest possible recommendation.”
Blake Leyh,  Music Supervisor, HBO’s Treme

This is high-octane music meant to put the boogie back on the dance floor and turn even a late-night talk fest into a flat-out funkathon. There has to be at least one band in the country that reveres the past and is unafraid about dragging it into the future. Mark down the Revelers as that band, musicians who aren't afraid of mixing up accordion, fiddles, saxophones and guitars. Sometimes the greasiest gumbo can also be the best, as anyone within earshot of this mess will attest. Bon ton all night long.
Bill Bentley, A&R Director at Vanguard Records. Read the entire review here.

“If you’ve ever been nagged by the feeling that all Cajun and zydeco music was starting to sound a bit too much like the same old thing, The Revelers will toss that notion back on your ears. This is Louisiana-bred party music sustained by the sonorous signature of its native milieu, but perked up by an injection of contemporary pop, rock and R&B.”
Doug Loach, Songlines magazine (UK) June 2013. Read the entire review here.

‘The Revelers’ are master musicians who love the music they play. Their infectious enthusiasm for the music and the culture is an inspiration to all.  That’s why we keep inviting them back to teach at our Ashokan Fiddle & Dance Camps year after year.”
Jay Ungar, Founder of The Ashokan Fiddle and Dance Camps and fiddler/composer of Ashokan Farewell

The Revelers and HBO's Treme

The CD “Les Revelers” (2012)  … was recorded and mixed while shooting for the 3rd season of HBO's Treme (an HBO original series about New Orleans life post Katrina).  All of The Revelers are featured in episodes throughout Treme’s 3rd season which aired in the Fall of 2012.  The Revelers connection with Treme came about after they cooked and performed on Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations when the crew came to Southwest Louisiana in June of 2011.  The “Cajun Country” episode of No Reservations focused on boucherie a traditional communal butchering of hogs immediately followed by a community effort in preparing an array of dishes from every part of the pig, all the while surrounded by the endless rhythms of Cajun music in the ever present background.

  • Take a peek at a Red Stick / Reveler performance with Lucia Micarelli, from the Treme cast, playing at the New Orleans Jazz Fest (in a segment that will be incorporated into a Treme episode)

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